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Earn Money on your YouTube Video

Earn extra revenue, in addition to your in-video ads. All it takes is simply pasting a link in the description of your video to one of our digital products. The sales page does all the work. Sales are tracked back to your video and you earn a commission.

  1. You must be a US Based individual over the age of 18 or company.
  2. Pick one of our courses that would be a good fit your video audience . Visit the commission schedule for a list of referral fees earned per product sale. * (Commissions earned subject to change without notice)
  3. Fill out the application below.
  4. If approved, we will send you a link. Purchases made through this link will track commissions to your account.
  5. Complete payment details for deposits:
    1. PayPal: Previous month’s earnings are deposited the first week of each month, no minimum threshold for payments
    2. Check: $5 fee per check, $50 minimum earnings threshold for payments

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