Secrets Of Skateboarding

Secrets Of Skateboarding

“Top Underground SkaterReveals his Secrets to Mastering Every Major Skateboarding Trick – in as little as 3 weeks”

Dear Skater,

Do you want to be better at skateboarding?

I mean not just better, but the best of all your friends? The one that everyone at the skate park looks up to?

Well you’re not the only one. Thousands of people have tried to become better skaters but most have given up.

Why? Because they didn’t have the secrets – the ones that only the best skateboarding teachers and pros possess.

Access the exclusive, proven 140+ page downloadable guide thathas helped hundreds of skaters learn tricks that once seemed impossible, in just days!

Learn more now:

  • The real and only way to improve at skateboarding and how to stop doing what doesn’t work
  • Clear, easy to understand and detailed instructions for every trick that includes…
  • What you already should know before learning a new trick
  • Proper foot placement
  • The correct balance prior to executing the trick (this is crucial!)
  • Where and how hard to pop
  • Exactly how your feet should rotate/ flip the board
  • How to correctly land the trick
  • The best way to practice each trick (another important aspect to consider)

An essential starting manual for beginners

Detailed guides for quickly unlocking the Ollie, Kickflip, 180 Ollie, Heelflips, Pop Shove-it, Varial Flip, 360 Flip, Backside Flip, Hardflip, Frontside Heelflip, Backside Heelflip and Basic grinds…